John Q. Public Astoria Home Owner

June 15, 2005

.  I looked for a house for two years in Astoria.

 I found one only when I found George Halvatzis.

 George knows everyone and every painted brick in the neighborhood.  He’s honest to a fault and intelligent.   Even if you’re not one of his clients, he’s always there to give advice-about real estate, about marriage, about careers and even about life.

 He knows everything there is to know about Astoria and continues to be a great resource even after you move in. His clients routinely drop in his office just to chat.

 George went out of his way to show me houses; he even gave up a Father’s Day [holiday?] because that was the only day I could make it.

 Once you’ve bought or sold a house with George, you’ll never want another broker.  He’s a Class A property.

 When I get ready to sell my house, I’ll be knocking on George’s door.


Although we haven’t had many issues but any time there has been an issue you have been incredibly helpful and whenever you have come out for an inspection you have been so personable and absolutely lovely to be around. You are a great representative of the Halvatzis Realty team and I am thankful that we have you looking after us. I never feel I am waiting about for any action to be taken and you are always so swift in giving us an update or resolution if there is a problem needing to be taken care of. We have been in our home for nearly 9 years, and I can honestly say I have never felt so looked after and treated so well. I can only assume the landlord is as happy with you as we are.