Our mission

Our mission is to empower consumers with information to make smart decisions. We are dedicated to helping home owners, home buyers, sellers, renters find the homes and real estate they seek.

The Halvatzis Difference - Not One of the Biggest - Just One of the Best

Halvatzis Realty has been serving the Astoria & Queens communities for over 25 years.. Our knowledge of the market, with
all of its ups and downs works to your advantage. As in every business, the devil is in the details, and that’s one of the areas
where a boutique agency like ours can excel.

Unlike in a larger firm, you will ALWAYS get one of our best agents. You will always get someone who has ten or more years
experience – not just in real estate – but in real estate in the Astoria market. All of our agents are also college educated and have
lived in the Astoria market, so you’re being introduced to Astoria by an insider, not just someone who’s doing their job.

The Halvatzis difference is that we don’t try to be the biggest, we just try to be the best.

Market Knowledge

Halvatzis operates one of the most competitive real estate agencies in Astoria, LIC & Queens. We’re competitive because we know the market unlike few others.  We pay attention to detail, to trends and the minutiae that oftentimes indicates what’s happening on a far more macro level.

Consultative Transactions

We are help consumers make real estate-related decisions and find the right property or home.

Sales & Marketing

We use a whole portfolio of sales and marketing tools to build interest in a property.  We use comparative data, financial realities and evaluations of market sentiment to help price properties.  And we work closely with a portfolio of buyers in the market looking to acquire property.

Our agents

Our agents are licensed professionals that specialize in searching, evaluating and negotiating the purchase of property on behalf of the seller. They will sell your real estate or help you find a new home or commercial location. Our staff is Insightful and can advise you in preparing your home or investment property for sale in a way that maximizes your sale price.
Real Estate Broker

Kim Parshley

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Steven Shane

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Real Estate Broker

George Halvatzis

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See what past clients have to say.
John Q. Public Astoria Home Owner

June 15, 2005

.  I looked for a house for two years in Astoria.

 I found one only when I found George Halvatzis.

 George knows everyone and every painted brick in the neighborhood.  He’s honest to a fault and intelligent.   Even if you’re not one of his clients, he’s always there…

Ana Oliver Housewife

Dear Ana , we have been so grateful for all your hardwork and support. Although we haven’t had many issues but any time there has been an issue you have been incredibly helpful and whenever you have come out for an inspection you have been so personable and absolutely lovely…

Caroline Reynolds Marketing Manager

Just to say thanks to you Caroline Reynolds and all the staff for your efforts. We are delighted with the sale price. It was a pleasure dealing with you and will recommend Caroline to friends in the future.

Joseph Ryan Designer

We can’t recommend Joseph strongly enough. They were friendly, professional and approachable from the minute we called asking for an appraisal right until completion. As first time sellers they made the process fast and simple, any questions we had they were happy to answer. When the process was getting slowed…

Vanessa Kasinsky Brand Manager

Vanessa always addressed my questions professionally and in a very timely manner. Working with him was a pleasure and would come with my recommendation.

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